Tuesday, March 21, 2017

That's What Dory Said

Writing a blog can sometimes be a little challenging and isn't always the easiest thing to do. You have to write original ideas that stick out and are different from the rest. Keeping the audience attention is the most important factor into writing a blog. All in all, you just have to keep writing until you feel like you've got it all right. It's like a journal or diary, but a little better because you make it your own.

Switch It Up

Change is a constant thing with everything we do, and just in these last two in a half months my blog has changed. It has inspired me to try new things which then led me to write about them in different forms. My blog has changed as well as changes within myself. It has helped keep me motivated in doing what I love and wanting to inspire others through my blog- it has turned into a positive outlet. Whether it be new exercises or fun ways to keep my interests in them- same thing with recipes, and even lifestyle changes. 

Looking Forward

At this point, who the heck knows what I'm going to be doing with my career. My major is Strategic Communications so I'm wanting to go in the direction of working at an ad agency and possibly run social media accounts for a business, or two. Blogging is important (to whatever I'll be doing) by showing my originality and creativity through writing. If I decide to run social media accounts, then I have to be creative and come up with new and quirky ideas to stand out from the rest. 

The After Math

I never could picture myself having a blog. I always thought about writing one, but could never figure out what exactly my interests were, nonetheless how to keep myself interested. Along with that I've never even really been a writer because I feel like I just ramble on (kind of like now). Blogging in this class has affected me in ways I didn't really think could. It has helped me put my thoughts together on a screen in an organized way. It has also helped keep me interested and motivated in something that has helped shape me into a better and healthier version of myself. Lastly, it has expanded my mind to try new things and not just with fitness- but with everything. 

The Takeaway

A few lessons I've learned from this class is that you have to be creative in your writing and again, stand out from the rest of the million other bloggers out there. Another important lesson from this class is that there are no bad ideas/thoughts. Just keep writing until you get it right. If you don't think you've got it right- then keep going until you think you do. Knowing what to blog and put out there, and what not to put out there are also very important in the blogging world. Perfection isn't key in blogging- speaking your mind and getting your thoughts out there is the important lesson.

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